Product Centric Sustainability


consumer product ideation

A lot has been said in recent years about sustainability, but the truth is that the “out of the box solution” is inside the box.  All Product Design focuses on Product-Centric Sustainability.

Sustainability over the years has centered on packaging and right-sizing of packages, but by far the greatest gain is to employ what we term as Product Centric Optimization.

In a recent task that was given to us, we looked at a current product that was struggling to remain profitable at retail. Our work was cut out for us, as we were given quite lofty goals that needed to be exceeded to mark this as a success.

Focus 1: Material Reduction

FEA 3By the use of FEA simulation, we worked on alternative geometry to gain a more efficient design. The main component had issues with damage, and, at first glance, reduction of material seemed dubious. We were able to reduce material by 47% and maintain strength in volatile areas.

Focus 2: Redesign of Mechanisms

This product contained a mechanism that formed the functionality of the product. We were able to suggest a mechanism that achieved the same movements but eliminated most of the components.  We were then able to secure a provisional patent on the mechanism.

Focus 3: Shipping

340 pieces were currently transported in a sea container. The client was asked if that number could be doubled and if that would make a difference. All Product Design concepted 8 alternative constructions, taking the sea container from 340 per all the way up to 1920.

Focus 4: Packaging and merchandise displays

All Product Design created alternative packaging options that eliminated EPS components for more sustainable corrugated options, as well as the box reduction that would be achieved by the small box cube. 

APD’s sister company, Dare Devil Display Works, is a leader in creative merchandise displays and specializes in permanent and semipermanent displays for retailers.