Reverse Engineering

Monsters IncFrom time to time, All Product Design is not starting from a napkin sketch, but, instead, the start point is a product that is partially created or even already in the market.

Often in this situation, CAD files are simply not obtainable, but it is essential to work around the existing geometry to within fractions of a millimeter.

All Product Design will take the existing piece and duplicate it back into the CADReverse Engineering Image environment. Often the situation calls for greater accuracy than simply measuring and replicating, especially when the geometry is of a more complicated nature. In these cases, we will 3D scan the object to a very high resolution.  Then we will import this exact geometry into the Engineering CAD software in order to build around it.

Another important use for this process is ergonomics. In the case of a handle grip or similar ergonomic part, we will carve the perfect fit.  Then we will take that geometry into the CAD environment to build the perfect product around it.